Current Role

Director, The Patient Revolution

Our vision for the future is one in which healthcare is careful and kind. Careful and kind patient care is care that is safe, makes use of the best available evidence and is prepared to grapple with the uncertainty which underlies clinical knowledge and recommendations. It is care that strives to see patients as individual people, including their history, their aspirations, and their strengths and limitations in light of their struggles. It is care that unites patients, caregivers and clinicians as partners working through health situations to find the best course of action for this person, at this moment in time. 

The Patient Revolution is committed to developing tools, programs and resources that help patients, caregivers and clinicians take tangible steps towards this future state. And we stand ready to serve as advocates, collaborators or facilitators with people and communities interested in building that future together.

Work Experience

Freelance Designer & Researcher, shared decision making tools and communication tools for grant funded projects at Mayo Clinic, Yale New Haven Hospital, Mt Sinai, Cincinnati Childrens Hospital (ongoing)

Creative Director, Design Impact Group at Dalberg, Sept 2015-May 2016

Senior Designer/Researcher, Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation, 2005-2011

Design Strategist, Arnell Group Innovation Lab, 2005

Game Designer & Writer, Click Urban Adventure Game, Explanatoids Project, 2004

Design Strategy, Game Design, Motion Graphics, clients included Sony Corp, Sony Pictures, eCompanies. 1994-2004


Masters of Design, Interaction Design, Carnegie Mellon University, 2004

Bachelor of Science, Film & TV - Miami University, Oxford, OH, 1994

Teaching Experience

Faculty - School of Visual Arts (SVA), MFA Design for Social Innovation, Introduction to Thesis and Data, Metrics & Visualization, January 2013-

Guest Lecturer - Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts, Washington University in St Louis, Interaction Design Studio/Sponsored Project: BJC Healthcare, September-October 2013

Faculty - School of Visual Arts (SVA), MFA Interaction Design Program, Design as Service Experience, September 2012-December 2012

Instructor in Medicine Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, Guest speaker, workshops, seminars, September 2008–December 2011

Adjunct Faculty - Carnegie Mellon University, Writing for Multimedia, Fall 2004

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Other Publications

Buchanan, R and Breslin, M. On the Case Study Method of Research and Teaching in Design. Design Issues 2008; 24(1): 36-40.

Breslin, M. ZIBA Design and the FedEx Project. Design Issues 2008; 24(1): 41-54. 

Breslin, M and Almquist, J, Have We Lost Our Love for Making Things? Ambidextrous Magazine, Fall 2008: 10.


Selected Media

Transform 2009, Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation, “The Power of Conversation” 

Mayo Clinic Radio, The Patient Revolution Project, Oct 2015 (20:07 mark)